WWE SuperCard Short Overview:

If you are a fan of WWE, then you must have tried almost all the relating games as well. Action games are fin, but the action games that are based on real life experiences are much more fun than the other ones because they allow players to become the superhero or the superstar that they wish to be in real life.

WWE Super card is a real time battling game that is based on collectable cards. Most people will mistake it for a card game from the name but it is so much more than just a card game. The game involves your favorite superstars battling in the ring and fighting till their last energy to win the fight.

Collect Cards
You can to collect thousands of cards that feature your favorite superstar from the WWE, whether they are WWE Superstars, NXT Superstars or WWE Legends, you can collect them all. Once you have the cards, you can now compete with your enemies in the ring in PVP battles.

Bigger Battles
If you wish to upgrade the battle field you can form your own team of superstars and come up with a strategy to defeat your opposing team. You can also compete with your favorite superstars in the Monday time Raw, Smack Down.

Become a Champ
Compete with the other players that are playing the game and achieve the titles by defeating them. Get your hands on as many belts as possible and become the Superstar of the WWE SuperCard.

WWE SuperCard Video:

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