How to Delete Saved Messages on iPhone Easily

How to Delete Saved Messages on iPhone Easily

How to Delete Saved Messages On iPhone

Many people are facing the issue of short space in their devices. With the passage of time, message start talking a lot of space in the devices and it becomes difficult to make space for other things. In this article, we are sharing two methods to delete the saved messages from your iPhone.

If you have iPhone then you must know it saves automatically all messages and attachments you send or receive. It is for the ease of the users so that they can approach their conversations with anyone, anytime.

No doubt, this feature helped a lot while at the same time it takes a lot of space and it is a very crucial problem.

You can delete messages from iPhone either by using the app known as iBackupBot or by modifying the setting in your device.

Delete Saved Messages on iPhone Using Settings App

It is quite simple to delete the messages using the setting app. However, you must know it will delete messages that are older than 30 days.  Messages within last 3o days will remain on your device.

  • Go to settings.
  • Choose the messages option.
  • Click on keep messages option.
  • Choose the 30 days option.
  • A pop-up will appear, notifying that older than 30 days messages will be deleted. Tap on delete.

Delete Saved Messages on iPhone Using iBackupBot

This method takes time as compared to the above mentioned method but it will remove all attachments from your device. It will free-up space in your device.

  • First of all, download the app iBackupbot on your PC.
  • With the help of USB cable connect your iPhone with the computer.
  • Go to the iTunes and backup your iPhone to your PC with iTunes.

After backing up successfully and setting the iBackupBot follow mentioned below steps to remove all the messages from iPhone by using the iBackupBot backup manager.

  1. Initiate the iBackupBot on your PC.

It will automatically perform a scan to find the backup that you have created.

  1. Use this path to find the attachments folder of the created backup. First of all double tap on the System files and then > media domain > library > SMS> attachments.
  2. At the right side of the screen, you are having all folders with distinct names.

These are the messages that are taking your space. These include different attachments like pictures, documents and other things that you send or receive.

  1. Choose all these folders and tap on delete button located at the top menu.
  2. The pop-up will appear asking you to confirm it. Click on delete, to delete all these attachments and messages.

Restore Backup

In this step, you will have to restore the backup that you have created using the iBackupBot.

  1. At the sidebar menu, you will see SMS, tap on it.
  2. Click on the attachments available at the right side.
  3. Here, choose the restore option.
  4. The pop-up option will appear having three restore options. You should tick the first two options and uncheck the last option.
  5. Tap on OK button.

Note: Sometimes error may occur. The most usual one is Code-37. If you see error -37 then turn off your find my iPhone option and then try restore again.

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