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Cartoon Wars 3 Short Overview:

Every child has some amazing memories of spending hours sitting in front of the TV and watching their favorite cartoons. When we were kids we all thought that cartoons were fun and even when we are all grown up we still think cartoon are much fun to watch so why not become a cartoon character and enjoy some real-time experience?

Personalize your Base
Cartoons Wars 3 is an amazing action packed game which requires your strategic and tactical knowledge to fight against your enemies and protect your base from the attacks of the enemies. The game has so much to offer to you as the player. You get to play the enemy; you get to defend your tower and so much more.

The gameplay is quite similar to the other similar games. You will be given a base with towers that you will have to protect from the enemies attacks. You have to defeat your enemy by taking control of their base by destroying their base towers.

Armies and characters
You can build your enemies and use different characters from the store of the game to enhance your strengths and make your defense mechanism and attacking modes strong and more effective. The store is filled with items that you can use according to your need.

The other best thing is that it is not only a game but is a community. You can play against other players as well or you can invite your friends to form a battle team and compete against other players. So download Cartoon Wars 3 to enjoy unlimited fun.

Cartoon Wars 3 Video:

How to Install Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK:

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