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About Free Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart is one of the largest retail outlets in America. For an individual who loves to shop cheap stuff or who are just shopping freaks call Walmart as their home because the retail outlet provides its customers with all sorts of items from the kitchen to gift to clothes. You can find anything on Walmart at a relatively low price as compared to other stores.

Some of us just love to shop while others love to get their friends and family the perfect gift. No matter what kind of a person you are you will always want to have a free Walmart $5 gift card which you can use to make free purchases. Get the perfect gift or a t-shirt for yourself, go wild the choice is yours.

In order to get your hands on the free $5 gift card, you will have to complete some tiny online task that will only take a minute or two or your time. All you have to do is complete surveys, watch ads, give reviews or follow an Instagram account to collect enough rewards/ points to earn yourself a free Walmart gift card which is totally legit and allows you to make free $5 purchases from Walmart.

How iFreeGiveaways.Net Works?

After you submit your real Name & Email, you will come across the Human Verification step. In order to participate in the giveaway. You need to complete this step.

There are several ways to complete these steps, Such as,

  • Download & Open Games/Applications
  • Completing Offers
  • Answering all Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Playing Games

In order to complete the human verification step successfully, you need to download, install and open the game or application for at least 30 seconds. Once you see the completion notification on screen, your entry has been saved successfully.


Question1: Who Can Take Part in These Giveaways?

Answer: Anyone can take part in these giveaways but they should be aged 10 or above. You can be part of these giveaways from all around the world.

Question2: How Will We Use Your Personal Data?

Answer: Your Personal Data is safe and protected. Your data protection is our first priority. Your data helps us to present the available offers on your dashboard.

Question3: How Will I Know That I Have Won the Giveaway?

Answer: Once you are selected as a reviewer by our team, we will contact you via given email address.

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